Fastest way to write a novel

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fastest way to write a novel

How to Write a Novel in a Month (The Easy Way!) | HuffPost

A few weeks ago, I hosted a poll asking if you'd prefer I continue publishing long-form content here on the blog or if you'd be happy to see a few shorter tip-packed posts thrown into the mix. Overwhelmingly, you all were up for articles of any length so long as they were full of helpful writerly advice. This thrilled me, as fast-drafting — while not that big of a topic to discuss — has absolutely revolutionized my writing process in recent months, and I've been ever so eager to share it with you since. And how might it transform your writing process, too? Let's break it down, writers! If you think the term "fast-drafting" is pretty self-explanatory, you'd be correct. Fast-drafting is quite literally the process of writing the first draft of your novel or short story, novella, etc.
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Published 26.07.2019

How to Plot a Novel (NaNoWriMo)

The 9-Minute Novelist

Learning how to write a book fast is a matter of having a process and tools to streamline the parts of writing a book that take the most time. Many pantsers resent being told to plan or outline. A single sentence chapter by chapter summary, for example. Or a complex, detailed outline of plot points, character arcs, settings and conflicts. An outline, character profiles or simply a blueprint of settings, characters and other details helps when the first burst of momentum slows. Story scaffolding gives you a trail of breadcrumbs through the thick of the woods, the thickets of growing sentences on the page. Is characterization tough?

Strapped for writing time? Fret no more: This incremental approach will lead you from first draft to finished manuscript in no time. Learn how to write a novel in mere minutes a day. Writing a novel is a complicated equation involving a lot of variables and moving parts—not the least of which are the authors themselves. While artificial intelligence has certainly come a long way, you still need a human being to get a great work of fiction [2]. Between jobs, school, families, chores and everything else that comes along with a busy life, it often takes a superhuman effort to find time to write, much less write a fully fledged 80,word book.

3) The 5-Step Method

November is National Novel Writing Month and in honor of that, I thought I'd share my system developed over the course of writing plus books for quickly producing a good novel without a ton of angst and anguish. View my event listings for more details. She has a master's degree from New York University and lives in Manhattan with her darling dog and a rogue of her own. Her latest book is Seducing Mr. For more from Maria Rodale, go to www.

Early on this year I was perusing the Internet for possible writing workshops that might kick my butt into gear, and I stumbled upon a gem taught by editor and author extraordinaire Candace Havens. The class is called The Book in a Month Club, and it promises to help writers write a book in fourteen days, followed by two weeks of revisions. Quick revisions. A finished book. In a month. Where do I sign up?

Yet, each word that comes out of you is dragged out. Writing feels less like fun, and more like bleeding. Any writer understands how frustrating it is to make time for writing , but to have almost nothing to show for that time. After all, fast food restaurants and known for their low-quality food being unhealthy. You can make sure that your writing session is as efficient and effective as possible so that not a single minute is wasted. Learn more about it here. The more you practice your writing skills, the faster the words will come to your mind and your fingertips.


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    2) The 30-Day Method

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