Princes of the apocalypse pdf download

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princes of the apocalypse pdf download

[PDF] Princes of the Apocalypse - Free Download PDF

Each part of the adventure should be played over Wizards of the Coast multiple sessions of play. Folios connecting characters to Chris Sims, Matt Sernett different factions in the world of the Forgotten Realms Art Directors: Kate Irwin, Shauna Narciso are provided for players, containing information and Cover Illustrator: Raymond Swanland accessories, along with exclusive rewards. As they adventure, players track their are earth elementals. A talking rock that controls boulders is a galeb duhr. A talking rock wearing jewelry is a dao. A silent rock thats resistant to non-adamantine weapons is a characters experience, treasure, and other rewards, stone golem. A rock with wings is a gargoyle.
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Princes of the Apocalypse

Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes. Each of these prophets has assembled a cadre of cultists and creatures to serve them in the construction of four elemental temples of lethal design. It is up to adventurers from heroic factions such as the Emerald Enclave and the Order of the Gauntlet to discover where the true power of each prophet lay, and dismantle it before it comes boiling up to obliterate the Realms. Dungeon Masters purchasing this module can use it to run the adventure with very little prep, other than reading through the adventure in advance. The contents of the story are indexed and linked, where appropriate. Combat encounters and boxed text are preloaded and ready to drop onto maps and into the chat window with a few clicks. Nearly everything has been optimized and streamlined for ease of play online.

Princes of the Apocalypse is a campaign about clearing dungeons, killing monsters and getting treasure, and the result will satisfy ardent hack-and-slashers to the very core of their being. T here is no more iconic role-playing experience than the dungeon crawl.
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Our story picks up a few days following the events in the Tomb of Moving Stones. The PCs have once again proven to the people of Red Larch why they deserve the title of heroes. Following their subterranean adventures in the last session there were still some unanswered questions regarding what they found in the caverns. They also still had a score to settle with some of the local merchants who had sent the PCs into an ambush a few weeks before. Unfortunately our story took a bit of a detour.

This guide is a "walkthrough" of Princes of the Apocalypse. Inside, you will find streamlined information and lists that will help you save prep time when you run this adventure. It is in a print-friendly format for your convenience. Login My Library Wishlists. New Account or Log In. Hide my password. Get the newsletter.


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