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chantal mouffe agonistics pdf

Chantal Mouffe's Agonistic Project: Passions and Participation - Semantic Scholar

Carl Schmitt is not only known for his remarkable influence on 20th century legal and political theory, but also for his close allegiance with Nazism. This means, that a political entity presupposes for him the existence of an enemy. This political enemy is a hostis , a public enemy and not a private adversary, inimicus and embodies the other, the stranger, the alien with whom in the extreme case conflicts are possible. This fact that the political can exist without having to draw upon other distinctions, argues Schmitt, makes the inherently objective and autonomous nature of the political evident. The focus on mainstream attitudes and political correctness in parliaments endangers representative democracy, because it leads to dynamics around ignored issues outside democratic institutions which could explode into violence. He sees an internal enemy as a threat to the internal unity and even as a potential trigger of civil war. And if the parties are in conflict with one another, they harm the unity.
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Laclau and Mouffe

The affects of democracy

The absence in liberal democracies of an agonistic confrontation between different political projects has led to a crisis of representation, argues Chantal Mouffe. We need a progressive populism that can mobilize common affects towards a defence of equality and social justice. Some of them are influenced by Deleuze and Guattari, others by the neurosciences, others by a variety of constructivist schools. In fact, I have often been asked why I speak of passions instead of emotions. I contend that, without understanding the crucial role played by common affects in the constitution of political forms of identification, it is not possible to envisage what is at stake in democratic politics. After presenting the main tenets of my theoretical approach, I will show how this approach is particularly suited to grasping the nature of the populist moment that characterizes our present conjuncture and of how to answer the challenge that it represents.

Beyond Left and Right

Or so it appeared to me, given that I was reading Chantal Mouffe at the time. Her two most recent books Agonistics: Thinking the World Politically Verso, and The Democratic Paradox Verso, provide a useful perspective, although perhaps a limited one. Curiously enough, both Labour and the Tories had to give some version of the liberal position. David Cameron was more convincing on this than Jeremy Corbyn, who has considerably more reservations about the benefits of the EU for labour. By democratic, I mean an appeal to a people pictured as having a strong sense of identity that excludes others. Interestingly, both major parties are in crisis. Cameron was astute enough to step down and leave his skeptic opponents in the party with figuring out if a Brexit is even possible.

Permissions : This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3. Please contact mpub-help umich. For more information, read Michigan Publishing's access and usage policy. How should democratic politics deal with conflict? I will begin by delineating the general framework of my approach, whose theoretical bases have been elaborated in Hegemony and Socialist Strategy , co-written with Ernesto Laclau.

Jan 17, ISBN Mar 24, ISBN In this work, Mouffe argues that liberal democracy misunderstands the problems of ethnic, religious and nationalist conflicts because of its inadequate conception of politics. He suggests that the democratic revolution may be jeopardized by a lack of understanding of citizenship, community and pluralism. Mouffe examines the work of Schmidt and Rawls and explores feminist theory, in an attempt to place the project of radical and plural democracy on a more adequate foundation than is provided by liberal theory. Paperback 2 —.


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